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Questions 1-3 refer to the following article

March 5-The Lesaux Valley Department of Transportation (LVDOT) has announced that the Harper Bridge rehabilitation project will begin on March 12. As of that date, Acadia Street will be closed to all vehicular traffic from Reilly Boulevard to Kampinsky Avenue. However, pedestrian access to the establishments on Acadia Street will remain open.

The main objective of the project is to overhaul the landmark Harper Bridge, which is in need of major repairs. Acadia Street will also be resurfaced. Other improvements include new curbs and wider walkways. The project is scheduled for completion by October 1. Lesaux residents with any questions can contact LVDOT at (412) 555-0159.

1. Where would the article most likely appear?

2. What are readers advised to do?
3. What is NOT mentioned in the article?

Questions 4-6 refer to the following article

Fancy Hanna Buys Axletree Footwear

NEW YORK-Fancy Hannah, Inc. announced Monday that it will buy Axletree Footwear.[1]——–. The deal is valued at more than $350 million. It will be the company’s biggest acquisition yet.-[2]——-.

The purchase comes at a time of growing competition in the shoe industry.-[3]——–. Ordering through Web sites and apps is easier for them than ever before. Plus, many online retailers offer huge selections and low prices.

A spokesperson for Fancy Hannah said the company expects to double its profits next year. “Axletree has a large online retail operation,” she said.——–[4]-. “We’ll use it to reach many more customers, which is our main goal.”

4. What has been announced?

5. What is reported about Fancy Hannah?
6. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong?
“Consumers are increasingly buying shoes online.”

Questions 7-10 refer to the following report.


Over the past year, the growth of Captain John’s Seafood in southeast Florida has been substantial. We have opened up 20 new branches-five in Miami, two in Fort Lauderdale, eleven in Palm Beach County, and two in the Keys-and of these, only the branches in the Keys have failed to earn a return on investment. We have also expanded our menu offerings significantly. Last year, we had 10 entrées, 5 drinks, and 2 desserts, while this year, we have 15 entrées, 10 drinks, and 5 desserts. The fish and chips entrée is by far the most popular menu item, accounting for nearly 20 percent of orders in the region.

The success of Captain John’s new locations in southeast Florida can be partly attributed to our marketing campaign. Our advertisements-which have aired on prime-time cable TV throughout Florida-present Captain John’s ideal for middle-income families who like to hang out on the beach. The mascot in these advertisements—a pirate with a hook for a hand and an eye patch—-is now well—recognized in the area, and his updated trademark slogan, “Hoist the sails!” is a popular catchphrase.

Captain John’s also made some consumer targeting changes based on the advice of Linda Collins, an outside marketing consultant from Chambers & Collins Solutions. All advertising was adjusted to target families with younger children. The number of parents with children dining at our establishments now accounts for 42 percent total customers, a rise of nearly 20 percent over last year.

Another factor contributing to Captain John’s success was word-of-mouth. We have received very positive ratings on sites like and and have built up a substantial fan base on social media sites. If we wish to continue cultivating a fan base, I recommend that we begin giving out coupons on social media sites and that we continue to air commercials featuring our mascot.

7.Why was the report written?

8. What is stated about Captain John’s Seafood?
9. What is NOT mentioned as a reason for Captain John’s success?
10. What recommendation is given for building a fan base?



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