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1. Questions 1-4 refer to the following letter.

August 22,

Mary Slatter

Purchasing Director

Deli Merchandising

Dear Ms. Slater,

I am a representative of Katz & Picket Frozen Food Manufacturing. For some months now, we (1) ____ to enter the Asian market and are looking for a merchandiser. As your company distributes food products, we hope you will suggest (2) _____ willing to sell what we offer. We mostly produce frozen vegetables, snacks, and diary products, which have won high acclaim in the frozen food industry. Our hygienically packed edibles are superior not only in the appearance and taste but also in nutrition. All of our food items are taste-tested by restaurant personnel and top caterers. (3) ____  .

If you can schedule me in next week, I can arrange to fly in with some samples. We hope you will consider this profitable opportunity and make a deal with us. For the time being, please take a look at the brochure I have enclosed with this letter so that you can see our (4) ____ product list.


Rose Lange

Marketing Supervisor
2. .
3. .
4. .
5. Questions 5-8 refer to the following article

New Organic Fertilizers for Agriculture

Since the early twentieth century, many domestic farms have been using inorganic fertilizers as they readily dissolve in soil and are quickly absorbed by plants. However, it was eventually discovered that the faster absorption rate negatively affects plant growth and soil quality. Now, Green Agri-Company is introducing a new organic compost called GreenGrowth, which can (5) ____ plants from absorbing nutrients too quickly.

To test the effectiveness of GreenGrowth, a farmer in West Virginia has (6) ____the product for several months on small plots of vegetables on his farm. In a report published by the company, the farmer stated that crop yields increased. This was because the fertilizer was (7)  _____ for the soil and allowed the plants to take in the nutrients slowly, enabling them to retain both nutritive elements and water. Furthermore, the fertility of the soil improved significantly, creating an ideal environment for crop growth. (8)  _____ .

GreenGrowth is now available at agricultural product retailers.
6. .
7. .
8. .



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