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1. Questions 1-34 refer to the following letter


Edward Mitchell

1505 Main Street

Fairfax, VA 20151

Dear Mr. Mitchell,

After conducting a comprehensive review, we have decided to (1) ____ sponsoring your organization. We have read through the annual summary you provided and are (2) ____ that your efforts to provide accurate information about global warming are meeting with success. Therefore, the Stanford Institute has chosen to extend your fuding for an additional year. (3)_____  . We sincerely hope that the extra support will enable you to achieve even more positive results.

I encourage you (4) ____the enclosed grant agreement and return it by courier service before this Friday. Thank you and keep up the good work.


Scott Hernandez

2. .
3. .
4. .
5. Questions 38-41 refer to the following memo

To: all branch managers

From: Jane Dawson, Regional Manager – Southeast Asia

Date: June 7As discussed during our meeting in Singapore last month, GLE Inc. is implementing a new incentive program for sales personnel. All branches (5)___    it on July 1.

(6) ____ . Staff members will be given a 5 percent bonus for any sale they make totaling $500 or more. Furthermore, to help employees stay motivated, the salesperson with the best annual record will be rewarded the (7)____ amount of a month’s salary every December.

We believe that this program will improve employee (8)  ____ and lead to increased profits for the company. Please discuss the incentive system with your staff members before it goes into effect, and let me know if you have any questions. As always, thank you for all your hard work.

6. .
7. .
8. .



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