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1. Questions 1-4 refer to the following memo

To: All carver Media staff

From: Jean Dubois, Human resources department

Subject: Recycling

Date: December 12

We are starting a recycling program in order to reduce the amount of trash we create. (1) ____. Please make sure to put any recyclable items in the appropriate bin. They are all clearly labeled, so glass, tin, plastic, and paper should not (2)___ together. It is (3) ____ to rinse out any containers that have food in them. This is because the recycling will only be collected one each week, and we’d like to keep the office as clean as possible. Batteries, which sometimes (4)____  harmful chemicals, should be left in the cardboard box by the photocopier machine. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

2. .
3. .
4. .
5.  Questions 5-8 refer to the following e-mail

To: Morgan Clark

From: Lisa Ross

Subject: Information on staffing

Dear Mr. Clark,

We (5) ___ your proposal regarding the water management project in Hampton, Ohio two weeks ago. After reading it, our funding organization determined that the undertaking is feasible and advantageous to the intended beneficiaries. However, the proposal does not include a full description of staffing requirements. May we ask to supply us with (6) ____  information on this point?

Other than that, we are pleased with the proposal and think that its objectives are line with our aims. Our representative James Gray, whom you spoke with previously about the project, (7)  ____ you regarding the staff details within the next two weeks. The committee would like to see your revised proposal as soon as possible. (8) ____ You can be assured of our full support. Thank you.

Lisa Ross

6. .
7. .
8. .



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