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1. Questions 1-2 refer to the following memoMEMO

To: Front desk staff

From: Elena Klum, Hotel Manger

Subject: Holiday work schedule

Date: December 18


The holiday season is coming, so I want to let you know about some opportunities to earn some extra income. As this is a busy time of year at the hotel, we are looking for people to work additional shifts on December 24 and 25. Those of you who choose to work on those days will be eligible for overtime pay. Moreover, you will receive two additional vacation days to use in the future. Please send me an e-mail by Friday with your availability and preferred shifts. If you require further information, feel free to contact me anytime. Thank you for your cooperation.

What is the main purpose of the memo?
2. What do front desk employees need to do by Friday?

This is to notify all passengers of the Dellacourt City subway system that the regular hours of operation will be changed for the upcoming long weekend. Train service will be offered from 7 A.M to 10 P. M from Saturday, July 2 to Monday, July 4. In addition, trains will arrive at stations every fifteen minutes rather than eight minutes. Subway service will return to the regular hours of operation on July 5. The airport line’s schedule will remain the same during this time, departing every thirty minutes.

You are advised to check the holiday service schedules posted at ticketing counters in each station for further details. You may also log on to our Web site at www.dellacourttransit.com to view the modified timetables or call us at 555-0097. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding and hope you enjoy the holiday.


What is the announcement mainly about?
4. What will take place take on July 5?
5. What are people asked to do?



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