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Part 5: Level 700-900 Test 7

Mời các bạn làm bài tập ôn luyện tổng hợp. Bài tập này giúp các bạn ôn lại phần ngữ pháp và từ vựng thường được kiểm tra trong phần thi TOEIC part 5 trình độ 700-900. Bài có tất cả 20 câu hỏi trắc nghiệm. Sau khi làm xong bài, các bạn hãy ấn submit để xem kết quả bài làm của mình và giải thích của từng câu hỏi. Bạn hãy thử làm để củng cố và nâng cao kiến thức nhé!

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1. The company has proposed _______ of research and facilities aimed at developing vaccines to combat infectious disease.
2. The current share prices of AIB and Bank of Ireland are not _______ of the true health of these banks.
3. If your application is processed before the 20th of a given month, you should receive the next month’s _______ of the magazine.
4. Financial experts recommend that you need an emergency savings account usually with enough to cover 3-6 months’ worth of living _______.
5. IT professionals _______ in this area need to react quickly to the rapidly changing business and technology environments.
6. The marketing director will explain the problems the company _______ regarding the goal of accurate deliveries.
7. ________ finished all their work, all staff involved in the project was given one-week vacation.
8. This encouraging explanation has given him the will to ____ with his duties with great deal of enthusiasm.
9. After a long debate the problems were ____ and the main problem turned out to be merely a misunderstanding at the end.
10. The company should ____ the price so as to sell more, otherwise the stocks will not be sold.
11. You have to ____ your reports to Mr. Valk on Friday.
12. I have to ____ 1,000 dollars a month if I want to buy the company we’ve just discussed.
13. Many European people ____ in the New World to begin a new life in a new place.
14. For more severe illnesses, medication is likely _____ but this may be supplemented with psychotherapy.
15. We regret _____ that all buses to Nottingham will experience delays due to bad weather conditions.
16. Some contractors in Iraq ______ deceptive, bait-and-switch hiring practices and charging recruiting fees that indebted low-paid migrant workers.
17. We suggest some ways to overcome the challenges, from reorganizing state bureaucracies to raising public awareness that investment shouldn’t be _____ on their academic benefits alone.
18. Your proposals deserve _____ in detail.
19. The first boss to make all the employees _____ late in the workshop was James Drilldown.
20. The American government has considered _____ a new group of troops to Iraq.



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