Part 5: Level 500-700 Test 23

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1. A minor electrical malfunction was discovered by the pilot ____ before the plane took off.
2. We will make the final decision about changing the landscaping of the property after reviewing the ____ costs.
3. MyHealth Co. has produced a wide range of vitamin supplements for _____ two decades.
4. Following Ms. Rivera’s _____ statement, the official awards ceremony for Plex Industries will commence.
5. The Master Gardeners Club had to ____ its monthly meeting because the community center’s conference room was double-booked.
6. The short story cannot be reprinted _____ explicit permission from the writer.
7. Because of _____ fuel costs, some people are choosing to stay home for the summer vacation rather than drive to tourist sites.
8. Two items in Ms. Burke’s order were out of stock, so her invoice was adjusted______
9. Artists wanting to participate in the contest should submit their work by the _____ of June 30.
10. The company plans on ____ the salespeople for the expenses they incurred while attending the conference.
11. The monthly staff dinners give employees from different departments the chance to interact with _____ on a personal level.
12. Eco Unite is a non-profit organization ____ to educating the public about the environmental issues.
13. Even though Ms. Garcia had a small account at the financial institution, the employee treated her _____ she were a major investor.
14. The witness saw only a _____ figure standing near the lamppost shortly before the crime was committed.
15. _____ auditing the financial records of Rockford Consulting, the accountant will submit an official report.
16. All of the trees on the property were damaged in the storm _____ the one near the rear entrance.
17. Mr. Hotei had to undergo several medical tests before receiving _____ diagnosis from the physician.
18. The library has requested funding for ____ doors for the convenience of patrons.
19. An additional route was added to the rail line to reduce travel times in the southern _____
20. During the holiday season, Schwartz Department Store will _____ special make-up gift sets.



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