Part 5: Level 500-700 Test 2

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1. Combined all of London’s subway lines ___ nearly 1.2 billion passengers to their destination last year.
2. Even though the new policies were initially quarrelsome, ____ effectiveness in assisting Quantum Document Service has not been.
3. Please e-mail your summary from this morning’s board meeting to all managers ___ the end of the day.
4. As soon as everyone in our tour group arrived, he or she was ___ served delicious dinner in the main dining hall on the 3rd
5. Many specialists ___ that the merger of the two stationary companies will be completed within the next month.
6. Ryan Calvin visited the Taiwan factory only ___ before he returned to his company’s headquarters.
7. Regardless of whether they travel to Boston on business or for ___, let Pan-Am Airlines take them there.
8. All researchers at Jansen Pharmaceuticals must wear ___ goggles as a safety measure whenever in the workplace.
9. Hannah’s Family Restaurant offers a wide ___ of healthy salads to vegetarians.
10. ___ Ms. Jameson’s absence, the sales team will meet with customers on March 5.
11. To assemble the purchased wooden desk, you must ___ the instructions in the enclosed manual.
12. Ms., Sabrook asked ____ Mr. Hamington would be available to photograph the food for the party in October.
13. Nature Apparel Ltd., offers clothing that is very ___ and at a reasonable price.
14. The Smithsorian natural history museum’s exhibition explores the ___ of old American Indian villages.
15. Halfner’s tour to Seoul was put off because his travel documents had been filed  ____.
16. In an ___ to reduce the amount of photocopier paper we use, please use recycled paper whenever possible.
17. The shop that sells the most beds this month ___ in the next edition of Good Sleep magazine.
18. Any big merchandise bought at Score Hardware requires ___ handling so as not to damage product components.
19. Diana Jemenez is going to distribute an ___ to each committee member before next Friday’s meeting.
20. Professionals in financial management who work for the ___ finance company Square Corporate Finance were surveyed concerning employee retention rates.



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