Part 5: Level 350-500 Test 3

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1. Dr. Braun will write ____  letters only for interns who master every task expected of a junior copy editor.
2. The___ of a new chief financial officer at Veracore Industries was announced on April 6.
3. After a six-month probationary period, city employees are ___to take vacation days.
4. Many people at the company have industry experience, but only a handful of  ___ can see the future importance of current trends
5. The new furniture for the conference room is scheduled to be delivered___ on Tuesday.
6. After working in Canada for ten years, Cha Joon has ___ to Seoul to plan the opening of an upscale restaurant.
7. Toucan Database System is designed to perform a detailed financial analysis _____
8. The city council approved the bill to increase funding for its road improvement _____
9. The Neighborhood Involvement Program honors residents ____ volunteer their time to help Egin City.
10. Several architects____ intriguing design plans for the Hadler Building’s addition.
11. Thank you for your ___ in the Foxdale Apartments community enhancement survey.
12. This year’s company retreat will focus on techniques that help people think more ___
13. Employees must ___ requests for time off to Ms. Cheung for approval.
14. Judging by ticket sales, Fen Wang’s first attempt at directing a film was ___ a success.
15. The travel ___ will be processed as soon as they are received.
16. ____ change your seating assignment, visit the reservations page on our Web site.
17. The president of Somchai Bank rides ____ bicycle to work every day, except when it rains.
18. Agents who have not yet registered for next week’s Insurance Excellence Forum must do so ____.
19. Matos Realty has developed two ___ methods of identifying undervalued properties.
20. Wearing lab coats and safety goggles is a ____ for all laboratory workers.



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