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Part 7: Level 500-700 Test 7

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Questions 1-3 refer to the following notice.

This construction site is a hardhat area!

No unauthorized entry is allowed. Visitor must be accompanied by a guide. The above regulations are in accordance with Phoenix City Government Construction Site Code, Article, Paragraph 2. Only adults 18 years of age or older are allowed on site. Those with physical handicaps should inform any Work Station in advance. Every effort will be made to accommodate them. All workers and visitors are required to wear hardhats while in the Novo Lux Development Project. Cranes lift heavy objects and welders on beams create showers of sparks from their torches, creating a dangerous environment for the unprotected. Vests are recommended and can be borrowed from any Work Station. Simply present a photo ID, and then pick it up upon returning the hardhat and vest. Novo Lux is the largest residential community in the greater Phoenix are. When completed in 2011, it will contain 21 buildings, 10 of which will be taller than 30 stories, encompassing more than 3,000 apartments with an expected occupancy of more than 10,000 residents. For a video presentation of this monumental project, visit any Work Station.

1. Where would this notice be posted?

2. Which of the following is NOT available for visitors at a Work Station?
3. What does the video presentation show?

Questions 4-7 refer to the following letter.

27 bay sate avenue

Amherst Massachusetts 01002

Palmer realtors

1537 Aston Parkway

Greenwich, Connecticut 06830

Dear Mr. Hargrave October 15
Thank you for notifying me of the lot (#4415 Greenwich Township) now available for purchase. You asked me to send your in writing a bid for that property. I am willing to purchase that lot US$540,000 but no more, another property, lot #4718, also in Greenwich, last listed at $458,000, has also attracted my attention. If the owner of lot #4415 cannot lower his asking price, or if another buyer bids higher, we can pursue discussion on lot #4718.

Since our last phone conversation I have been in touch with your recommended contractor, Connecticut Homeland, in Greenwich. I have, however, enlisted the services of an architect here in Amherst to draw up the blueprint for the new home once the lot purchase is settled. You said earlier that the seller of lot #4415 should decided by the end of this month. Do you still think that is the case? In the meantime, please keep me posted on any changes in the status of lot #4718. Again, thank you for all your help and sage advice. I appreciate your courtesies and professionalism.

Sincerely yours,

Albert mills

4. What is the purpose of the letter written by Albert Mills?

5. What can we infer from this letter?
6. What do we know about Mr. Hargrave from the letter?
7. According to the letter, what should happen by the end of October?



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