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Part 7: Level 500-700 Test 4

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Questions 1-2 refer to the following notice.


As our corporate client, you

• gain access to cutting-edge technology

• pay only for what you use, thus reducing hardware and software expenses

• enjoy our streamlined, up-from, and ongoing billing

We provide

• customized software production and regular maintenance of on-site hardware (requires one-year contract)

• management and regular upgrades of applications and databases

• storage, backup, and data recovery

• an around-the-clock service center for fast resolution of issues

• access to our exclusive Venture Remote Monitoring (VRM) system

1. What is one of the service soffered by Venture Solutions?

2. What is mentioned about ongoing care of computer equipment?

Question 3-7 refer to following memomentum

Study results were released today for a three-years study conducted by the University of London looking at workplace efficiency. The massive study included interviews involving approximately 1,500 participants throughout Europe and North America.

Scientists leading the study are reporting that their results indicate that companies employing flexible scheduling have a huge advantage over their competitors in productivity and efficiency.
About half of the employees in the study worked for employers that required them to work a set schedule. These employees used only 42 percent of their working hours to actually produce work for their companies. On the other hand, workers at companies that allowed them choose their own working hours used about 80% percent of their time in the office productively, an increase of almost 100 percent. The study also showed that workers who were free to decide their own schedules worked no fewer hours overall than their counterparts.


To: Roger Gross, Personnel Manager

From: Patty Brown, Vice President

Re: an Interesting article

Hi Roger,

I just read this article in Business World Magazine about a study on efficiency. I thought it might be worthwhile to discuss the data presented in the article during our upcoming strategy meeting.
It seems to me that this system of employees choosing their own hours would not be too difficult to adopt here. It may help us with some of the productivity issues we’ve been having. It would also probably be very popular with the employees. Finally, it could really help us to save money. Since our revenues aren’t likely to increase this year, this could give us a profit boost.

Please read the article and let me know what you think prior to the meeting.



3. What is the main idea of the study mentioned in the article?

4. Why does Patty Brown contact Roger Gross?
5. About how much more productive are employees with flexible schedules?
6. Which benefit of a new scheduling system does Patty NOT mention?
7. When will Roger probably reply to Patty’s mention?



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