Part 5: Level 350-500 Test 5

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1. Business finance can _____ from either internal or external sources.
2. The e-mail reminded participants that the training session would begin at 5:30 P.M. _____ Tuesday.
3. He wrote the driving directions on the back of the agenda, but I am having trouble reading _____ handwriting.
4. We felt very lucky to be traveling with Mr. Ito. He _____ Seattle several times before and knew all of the best places to go.
5. Janet’s _____ accomplishment this year was doubling her number of accounts.
6. Moving to a new city can be stressful for the first few weeks, _____ once you know your way around, it is often an exciting and rewarding experience.
7. The extra cost of managing our accounting in-house is negligible _____ its benefits.
8. The only thing that this report _____ is a general summary of the effectiveness of the new employee retention plan; please add that to the final draft.
9. Statistics show that the younger generation of professionals insists on balancing time and money, more than did their _____.
10. The employees _____ by the CEO’s announcement last week that she would take a personal pay cut to preserve administrative jobs.
11. You are required to attend the Thursday staff meeting _____ you are sick or have an emergency.
12. Emily ____ late every night, but now that she is more familiar with the new software, she leaves at 5:30 every day.
13. If I were starting over on this project, I _____ begin with the content and let the format follow.
14. Exercising _____ is a healthy, productive, and free way to manage stress.
15. Sing _____ her new client right now; let’s not disturb her.
16. We called the factory this morning because we are worried _____ the order won’t arrive in time.
17. The August report details how the company can focus more energy on _____ a quality product, and less on soliciting new clients.
18. Due to new environmental _____, we will have to update our waste management system by 2018.
19. The projections about how the product _____ in the Chinese market are based on surveys and test groups.
20. _____ the e-mail yet to confirm the hotel reservations for the regional conference?



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