Part 5: Level 350-500 Test 19

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1. Prior to takeoff, flight personnel have to make sure that _____ of the
passengers has fastened their seat belt and is sitting in an upright position.
2. A recall on the XS model engine was announced after the factory received
____ that smoke appeared after only two or three hours of driving.
3. Despite having received positive reviews by industry critics, sales of the
digital MP3 player have been quite _____.
4. ______ the company’s official financial advisor, Mr. Jefferson is privy to
top-secret information and statistics about the company’s performance.
5. The Secretary’s ______ remarks had an immediate impact on his audience.
6. An international shipping control system _____ as a way to reduce accidents
at sea.
7. Even though the start was delayed by the inclement weather, the project was
completed as _____ scheduled.
8. If there is any money _____ in the budget, we need to modernize our
company’s present system of international communications.
9. Internal communications are expected to improve once the new telephone
system _____.
10. Since a new chef was hired in February; Creamy Ice-cream has seen
_____ increases in sales.
11. Many people think that trading stocks _____ an excellent way for investors to make profits.
12. _____ a drop in demand for passenger vehicles, Diesel Motors had to
cut back on production.
13. The result of our research team’s survey proved _____ that consumers
purchase more expensive cars in times of prosperity.
14. Soon after announcing his retirement, Mrs. Vinho will be honored for her numerous _____ achievements.
15. The company plans to cut its operating costs by closing two plants and encouraging workers to take early _____.
16. The renowned chef, who worked in Japan more than three years, prepared the raw fish that _____ at dinner.
17. Business finance can _____ from either internal or external sources.
18. The e-mail reminded participants that the training session would begin at 5:30 P.M. _____ Tuesday.
19. He wrote the driving directions on the back of the agenda, but I am having trouble reading _____ handwriting.
20. We felt very lucky to be traveling with Mr. Ito. He _____ Seattle several times before and knew all of the best places to go.



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